Each artist gets their own distribution portal which includes

  • Free Unlimited Distribution
  • You keep 100% of your copyright
  • Guaranteed Automatic Monthly Payments the 8th-10th of each month transferrable to your bank account anytime.
  • Displays royalty payments in your countries currency.
  • Real Customer Support in 7 languages
  • Artist Portal contains 27 available languages
  • Streaming Analytics for all the top distribution platforms
  • Free Youtube Content ID
  • Get on the digital music stores within 24-48 hours
  • Payment splits with collaborators
  • We can assist you with transferring releases to JGP
  • Free UPC/ISRC Codes
  • Free Shazam
  • Unlimited Artists!
  • Free automatic delivery to any new stores that we partner with.
  • We only take between 15 to 30% commisions depending per artist/band catalogue
  • Easy User Portal Interface
  • Music Up FOREVER!!!! 
  • Zero yearly subscription fees. Zero hidden fees.
  • Free release day links
  •  https://jgpentertainment.lnk.to/Fiestadecumpleaos
  • We can assist with uploading your music
  • additional promotions possible for releasing through us!

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