JGP Entertainment launched as a record label on February 2018 in the process of releasing Joel’s first release as well as delivering to our first artists in Guatemala and Mexico that year.

JGP was created by an artist with the purpose of fulfilling christian artists needs.

In 2022, JGP Entertainment was globally established when Joel Garcia joined distribution with Sony Music Entertainment The Orchard.

Our music has been streamed and viewed more then 225 million times through Tiktok, Youtube and others!

We are currently accepting new artists!

Joel Garcia - Founder and CEO

Joel Garcia is an IT developer, the founder of three companies, a musician, producer, and recording artist. He loves playing football. Joel is fluent in English and Spanish and enjoys learning new languages in his free time. He was born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD, USA.

August 2023: We are excited to announce direct distribution on our new platform!

Artists are now payed automatically every 8th-10th of each month and can withdraw at anytime via Bank in any country.

You may also create percentage split royalties of a specific song to share with collaborators.

The Fastest distribution guaranteed to get your music out within 24-48 hours to apple and spotify!